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What is kal-shlib-common ?

This is part of ``kal-shlib-*`` package, you should see `documentation`_ of
``kal-shlib-core`` for more general information.

.. _documentation: https://github.com/vaab/kal-shlib-core/blob/master/README.rst

How can install it ?

From source

Consider this release as Very Alpha. Use at your own risk. It may or may not
upgrade to a more user friendly version in future, depending on my spare time.

Nethertheless, this package support GNU install quite well so a simple::

# autogen.sh && ./configure && make && make install

Should work (and has been tested and is currently used).

.. note:: you can specify a prefix thanks to ``--prefix=/your/location`` as
``configure`` argument.

From debian package

A debian package repository is available at::

deb http://deb.kalysto.org no-dist kal-alpha

you should include this repository to your apt system and then::

apt-get update && apt-get install kal-shlib-common

What are dependencies for this package ?

You will need to install::


before using this package. Note that if you choose the debian package
installation, dependencies will be installed automatically.

What do this package contains ?

Libraries which are files called ``lib*.sh`` installed in

The debian package version will install directly to this location (knowing that
prefix is ``/usr``)

What these libraries provide ?

I'm sorry, but this README should answer such question but I didn't have time
to answer it. The source code is quite readable. Enjoy ;)
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